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The Idea

Dennis and Mate sat in their favourite café, surfing through news portals and social networks, when they hit on a staggering piece of information.

The night before, Heino performed a secret gig at a bar just 50m away from Dennis’s home in Düsseldorf and he didn’t have the slightest clue. Mate remembered the post office robbery in his street few days ago, but he only picked that one up by chance.

This got them thinking: Why hadn‘t these events reached them instantly? How much crucial information do we miss every day?

After searching unsuccessfully for an app to satisfy their needs, Dennis and Mate decided to build the hyper-local news portal they were missing. They built Yukast, a crowd-sourced, location-based local news app that brings pertinent content to consumers based on their exact location and preferences.

Yukast delivers relevant, real-time news to you based on your preferences and location. You no longer need to reach out for news or actively follow hashtags, Yukast knows what’s important based on where you are and your interests.

Yukast allows you to decide which type of news you want to see and lets you report on local events. The users take control on how to report what’s happening in their area.

Yukast gives you the news near you as it happens. No more waiting for traditional news outlets to publish what they deem relevant. And the Yukast content focuses on your immediate area and news stories that affect people near you.

Yukast gives you local news in seconds or minutes, rather than hours or days.

Now in Beta, Yukast is the first live geo-social app for following local news. Yukast allows users to not only find out what’s going on in their immediate area with real time information, they can also report news as it happens.

We invite you to join Yukast for beta testing!

Dennis Wilsmann


Mate Kurtin


We invite you to join Yukast for beta testing!

Register below for the beta phase in Düsseldorf and Cologne! Contact us via mail, phone, Skype, Facebook, or Twitter and join Yukast as we change news and change the world!

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  • +49 171 488 66 08
  • fb.com/YukastNews
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